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"I would like to express my great satisfaction with the tax services provided to my wife and I by Mai Nguyen the past three years. She is easily accessible and very knowledgeable. She has given us thorough and accurate tax advice and we have saved money that we were not saving with our previous tax service. In summary, you'll be very satisfied with Mai's services."

Mark Fieldson
Rossmoor, CA

"I started my business not knowing how to do much of my books. I have a college degree and I still could not figure it out. Mai sat with me and explained exactly what I needed to do for end of the month reports, balancing the accounts, and making sure my business ran better and smoother. She is very patient and it seems like she absolutely loves what she does. I have recommended Mrs. Nguyen to many business owners who have been in business for 20 years to owners that are just getting started. All of them love what she has done for them."

Rachael Sproles, CEO of Candy Ribbon, Inc.
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Franchisee

"My husband and I would like to take this opportunity to thank and commend you for the outstanding service you have provided us in our many income tax issues - professional and personal - over the past nine years.

Your extensive and up-to-date understanding of the complicated, ever-changing IRS rules associated with my physician partnership, my husband's engineering consulting business, and numerous other tax issues, as well as your timely and professional preparation of our tax returns, has been a tremendous help.

We very much appreciate and value your year-round availability, not only during "tax season", but whenever we have tax-related questions or issues to discuss.

We would especially like to thank you for your patience, hard work, and professionalism in representing us in our recent and unexpected tax audit with the IRS — an effort resulting in our receiving a net return from the IRS, rather than a payment!

Please keep up the great work. We've enjoyed working with you very much, we look forward to continuing our relationship for many years to come, and we highly recommend your tax services to any business or individual."

Lucia S. Grayson, M.D.
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry,
So. Cal. Permanente Medical Group

"I have chosen you as my tax accountant for the last eight years and I think I have definitely made the correct decision. You have offered me professional advice that has significantly reduced my tax liability. Your record keeping is accurate and reliable. In summary, I have been very satisfied having chosen you as my accountant and I would highly recommend your professional services."

Quang Q. Phan, MD, FACP
Fountain Valley, CA

"Thanks for meticulously reminding me about all the little deductions that help out a lot in the end. Your explanation of the tax laws and intuitive tax-savings suggestions give me peace-of-mind in knowing that I am maximizing my savings according to what the laws permit."

Luu Doan, M.D.,President & CEO
Newport Coast Surgical Institute, Inc.

"Irene and I are truly pleased with your accounting practices. Mai, you certainly have lifted the filing process burden from us throughout these years, maybe it's time we negotiate an increase in fees. Of course, nothing that will break the bank but Irene and I both know youíre underpaid (not underappreciated) and we'd like to make an effort adjusting fees in the name of fairness on our part."

Edward & Irene Sullivan
Sullivanís Properties, LLC

"Mai Nguyen has been doing our taxes for eight years. Because our return also includes a Schedule C and Form 2106 and the laws seem to keep changing, we have relied upon Mai's expertise and guidance in maximizing our expenses but keeping within the law. Approximately five years ago we were audited on our 2106 expenses. Mai handled all the interactions with the IRS agent, and after all was said and done, we owed no money to the IRS.

Mai has been available to us year round whenever we've had tax questions and has dealt with our bank on income verification for refinancing in a very prompt manner. We never have to worry that off-season means Mai is unavailable. Her education, experience, and one-on-one service make her a very unique commodity, and we highly recommend Mai to anyone - to those with the simplest of accounting needs to those with the most complicated."

Michele and Ed Burling
Rossmoor, CA

"I am writing this letter to recommend the tax and accounting services of Mai Nguyen, CPA. Mai has been preparing my personal and business tax returns for the past seven years. I am very happy with her services and often refer her services to my friends and relatives. Each year she spends time to discuss with me different tax saving strategies to minimize my taxes. She ensures that I maximize all possible allowable deductions. She promptly returns my calls and answers all my questions. I have peace of mind using her services knowing my tax returns are correct and filed on time.

Again, I highly recommend Mai Nguyen, CPA for your tax and accounting needs."

James T. Tran
Broker, JD, MBA

"I am the President and CEO of a jewelry manufacturing company. My company's annual gross receipts are in millions and we employ over thirty employees. I have been using Mai Nguyen, CPA as my tax, accounting and business advisor since our company started eight years ago. As part of her tax planning and business planning strategy, Mai helped us to incorporate our business from a sole-proprietorship. She also helped us to make the S-corporation status election for our corporation to eliminate the double taxation. She helped set-up our accounting system and trained our in-house accountant to maintain it. She continuously keeps up with what is going on in our business to provide timely tax and business advice. As our company grows and changes rapidly and exponentially, I can always count on Mai to be there as a trusted business advisor. I use her as a sounding board in all my important business as well as personal financial decisions. It's like having a CFO, Controller and Tax Manager working for me without the payroll and human resources administrative burden. Whenever we get any audit or notices from the taxing authorities, Mai is there to assist us to resolve the audit and tax problems.

In short, I am very happy and satisfied with Mai's services. She has been providing our family and businesses invaluable services with the highest standard of quality and ethics."

Tuan Danny Nguyen, Chairman/CEO
DC&D Co., Inc.

"Thanks for getting my tax life turned around. When I met you, my tax situation was a mess. The IRS had put a lien on my bank account and a wage garnishment on my commission earnings. You immediately negotiated with the IRS to release the wage garnishment and put me on an installment repayment plan with the IRS for $25 a month. You helped to submit an Offer-in-Compromise, which eventually got accepted. Getting a settlement for 33 cents on the dollar for relief of all four years of tax liabilities was a much-needed fresh start I needed to get my business and career back on track.

Vinny Tran, Broker/Owner
Mr. "Little Saigon" & Associates

"I highly recommend Mai Nguyen, CPA for all tax and accounting related endeavors. I have been a client of hers for the last seven years. I found Mai or she found me when I had finished a lengthy and complicated divorce and was recovering from serious illness. Within a week, Mai had methodically and carefully resolved every tax problems I had and I ended up with significant tax refunds. I continue to use Mai as my accountant because of her professionalism, competence, confidentiality, and speed in completing my tax returns. She gives me the feeling that I am the most important client she has. She will do the same with you.

There is something uniquely special about Mai. I have come to her at my worst and she has always had a way of lifting a very heavy burden. Maiís approach is more than a ďCPAĒ. Mai has a sense of humanity, empathy and compassion. Thatís unique, thatís priceless. Thank you, Mai, for choosing the best career for your talents and for my needs."

Judy Seal, Executive Director
Long Beach Education Foundation


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